Project and Client Experience

Project nsw Health

NSW Health

A business case provided by NSW Health that addressed the issue of educating children on domestic violence. The issue focused more on stakeholders who witness domestic violence, such as children witnessing their parents fight and argue. There is no denying that children experience domestic abuse and there are preventative and curative methods implemented. However, a less focused problem is when children witness domestic violence and are unable to reciprocate its negative effects or intentions to one’s mental health. Therefore, the task was to conceptualize ideas or propose solutions to this issue through a multifaceted and transdisciplinary lens.

Project TAL

Tal Insurance

A business case provided by TAL life insurance that addressed the issue of generating customer awareness on life insurance. Life insurance is something very important but is also something that many people try to avoid talking about or are sceptical about. The task was to conceptualize creative solutions on how we could generate more customer awareness and most importantly, help make it easier to talk about sensitive topics such as life insurance.

Project Oxford Street

The City of Sydney

​A business case study provided by City of Sydney council that addressed the issue of rejuvenating Oxford Street in Sydney. Oxford street used to have a healthy and vibrant community with numerous small businesses and markets and was well known for its night life. However, it became a ghost street with decreased tourist counts and failed small businesses due to factors such as lockout laws. The task was analysing and evaluating the current state of Oxford Street through primary and secondary data research and collection in order to uncover the main underlying factors detrimentally affecting Oxford Street's declining state.

The Future of Marketing Project

John Walter Thompson Sydney

A business case provided by John Walter Thompson that addressed the issue of strong competition between agencies within the marketing industry. John Walter Thompson is a worldwide communications and media agency that requires assistance in maintaining their competitive edge. The task was to generate creative and innovative marketing strategy solutions and visions that was yet to be seen, in order to maintain a competitive edge in the advertising industry.

  • Presented to the Executive Suite of JWT on the disruptive future of marketing and how JWT can successfully navigate the everlasting changing creative landscape.

Project Snack Product

Intellectual Ventures

An opportunity given by Intellectual Ventures to invest in a successful team's potential business idea. Intellectual Ventures is a private company that centres on development and licensing of intellectual property. The opportunity was based on presenting a business pitch regarding the next big-hit, innovative snack product idea that would disrupt snacks industry.

Project H&M - Sustainable Clothing

Hennes & Mauritz

A business case provided by Hennes & Mauritz that addressed the issue of sustainable clothing. Being a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company that focuses on sustainable and green clothing, they heavily rely on reusing recycled materials in their production line. The task was to conceptualise and propose solutions on ways to push forward a sustainable and efficient approach to their clothing manufacturing process through a transdisciplinary approach.

Project Health and Wellbeing

UTS: Student Services

A business case provided by the 'Health and Wellbeing Services' and 'Student Services' of UTS. This case addressed the issue of mobilising students and staffs in creating or finding a healthy environment and improving wellbeing. The task was not necessarily to provide a solution that directly involves improving wellbeing, but instead to generate innovative ideas or propose solutions that would motivate these stakeholders into motion of finding these existing life and health improving services.

Project Dyson Air Purifier

Dyson Australia

Presented my Applied Project in Marketing (Capstone) project and provided valuable insights/recommendations to the Dyson Management at their headquarters in Alexandria. Being able to work on identifying key marketing opportunities for their innovative product ranges allowed me to apply critical and innovative thinking towards a live marketing brief.

Project Aurecon


Employed by Aurecon, I grouped with other Creative Intelligence and Innovation students to tackle Aurecon's innovation case study brief. The original brief was 'How can we better integrate an innovative culture and innovate ways of working into our project?'

As we explored the problem space, we identified that we were not looking to change culture, but rather provide context for change to happen through areas of engagement and measurement.

Developed a gamification reward system that will allow facilitation innovation.

While working with Aurecon Australia, we utilised numerous transdisciplinary tools to immerse, brainstorm and ideate potential solutions for this wicked problem though a transdisciplinary lens.

Human Rights and Technology Project

Australian Human Rights Commission

The project looked at:
1. The challenges and opportunities for human rights of emerging technology.
2. Innovative ways to ensure human rights are prioritised in the design and governance of emerging technologies.
The project will report on and make recommendations for responsible innovation to protect human rights in Australia in 2019. In this context, Jerwin applied a vast range of methodologies from Complexity theory, Futures thinking to Systems thinking in order to delve deeper into the complex issues addressed in the conference and by the issues paper and proposed innovative approaches to community engagement on some of the key issues identified in the Issues Paper.

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